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Thanks! Message sent.

January 2024

Thanks so much for the great work.

                    Richard B., Wayne

Thanks you so much for the excellent service.

                    Jim D., Wayne

December 2023

Thank you for your service.  Blessings in the new year.

                    Donna D., Wayne

It was great seeing you the other day. Thanks so much for being so prompt with your response.  Honestly I don't know what I would do without you and your guys.

                    Tessa H., Berwyn

November 2023

Thank you for your help.

                    David McS., Chesterbrook

September 2023

Thank you for your excellent service.

                    Roslyn H., Wayne

August 2023

Thanks Scott your plumber was kind and competent. I couldn't as for more !

                    Sherry S., Chesterbrook

Thanks again for everything. We really appreciate your fitting us in for our most recent leak.  John was great.  Gratefully.

                    Michael Q., Wayne

Thank you for getting Tom here so quickly.  We appreciate your service.

                    Blair L., Chesterbrook

May 2023

Thank you for your great work and help     :)

                    Mary Mc., Strafford

April 2023

Thank you so much for fixing our water pressure. We are excited to have found our "plumber for life".

                    Ellie B., Wayne

Thanks for taking care of this so quickly !  Happy spring and sunflower planting.  Cheers.

                    Anne S., Wayne

March 2023

Many thanks for another fine job.

                    B K., Strafford

December 2022

Thank you Scott for quality work and taking care of me always   :)

                    Rosalie I., Wayne

November 2022

I appreciate you coming out the same day, thank you.

                    Kate O., Malvern

Thank you for your excellent help.

                    Kathryn S., Bryn Mawr

September 2022

Thanks Scott for sending a plumber right away same day !

                    Kate O., Malvern

July 2022

Thank you ! It all looks good. Please thank John, Tom and Gene for us.

                    Chuck M., Paoli

Thanks for the assist with the project.  John did a great job.

                    Deanna B., Wayne

June 2022

The bathroom tub and shower Corian enclosure turned out really well and we send our sincere thanks to all who worked on our project.

                    Laura & Tim W., West Chester

Thanks for getting the toilet fixed for us so quickly.

                       Jane B., Villanova

April 2022

Thank you for your fast friendly & professional service !

                    Frank P., Strafford

Thank you very much for the good repair job.

                    Katherine S., Rosemont

March 2022

Thanks so much Scott !  I appreciate all of your help keeping my house running well.

                    Connie T., Radnor

January 2022

Just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the bathroom renovation.  We appreciate all the work your and Tom's skill and hard work.  You and Gene work so well together.  It was as promised "seamless".  So, thank you. We love the new bathroom! You did a wonderful job.

                    Jill F., Wayne

December 2021

Many thanks for your prompt response to my urgent call for help with the plumbing problem in the kitchen.  Special thanks also to Tom for installing the new dishwasher !  Best wishes for a joyous holiday and happy new year.

                    Helen M., Devon

Thanks for a job well done with installing our new toilet. May your holiday be joyous and the best of New Year !

                       George B., Wayne

Happy Holidays and thank you for fixing our sink so quickly.

                       Bill P., Strafford

November 2021

Thank you, very much appreciated.

                    Tim & Nancy B., Strafford

October 2021

My sincere thanks for your quick response to my plumbing emergency and for patience and humor shown by you when the plumbing gods singled out this job to use as a teaching example of what can go wrong if you think you've identified something as a "simple fix".

                       Roger R., Strafford

Thank you for your help and service to install the new kitchen faucet.

                    David M., Chesterbrook

Thanks for getting us out of a jam with our obstructed toilet.

                    James M., Wayne

                  James M., Wayne

September 2021

Thank you so much for the fast service, your guys are great.

                    Mary G., Berwyn

Thank you so much.  I really appreciate the great service.

                    Cindy H., Strafford

August 2021

Again, many thanks for your fine service this time and over all of these years.

                    Bob K., Strafford

Scott : Great work !!!  Many thanks !!!

                    Larry S., Strafford

July 2021

Thanks again for super prompt awesome service !

                    Jack O., Malvern

Thank you for your patience.  Best regards.

                    Elise A., Radnor

Thanks so much, the guys were great.

                    Mary G., Berwyn

April 2021

Scott thanks for your fine service.

                    Bob K., Strafford

Thanks Scott for the excellent job.  Megan really appreciated that your guys let her dogs out in the yard and when they were done they put them back in the house.

                    John McG., Wayne

March 2021

I wanted to thank you for coming out to fix our drainage leak, and so fast.  My husband was very impressed with me that I got a plumber to come out on the same day !!

                    Rachel S., Merion Station

Thanks Scott so much for helping me keep going.  The first Trilliums have emerged. Come back soon, spring has sprung. 

                    Nancy G., Strafford

I am so grateful I found you guys.  You are always so quick to respond.  Your staff is kind and funny and always a pleasure to have in my home.  Now that we are on toilet terms we have reached a new level in our relationship !  But seriously your team fills a void this country is needing these days.  Thank you again and have a great weekend.

                    Rachel McG., Strafford

We appreciated the excellent service by John.  Thank you for the good job.

                    Kate S., Bryn Mawr

March 2020

Thanks and stay safe sweet one.

                    Jean R., Wayne

Thanks again Scott, John and Tom. Great job !! I will keep your number handy and stay well.

                    Patty McC., Strafford

Thanks for the great service.  Many thx,

                    Nancy K., Wayne

I am very pleased with John's work.  He kept at it and told me "I never give up" The sink now drains well after not draining correctly for over 10 years.  PS : I will recommend you to anyone who needs a plumber.

                    Bob S., Chesterbrook

February 2020

Thank you!

                    Judy F., Strafford

Thank you so much.

                    Gary L., Devon

January 2020

Good service assured.  No more wondering if tub is going to drain.  Happy new year.

                    Dorothy R., Wayne

You're the best   :)

                    Jeanne H., Wayne

December 2019

Thank you for all your support with the plumbing and ceiling work especially over the holidays.  All the best for 2020.

                    Michele G., Wayne

November 2019

Thank you!

                    Julie G., Wayne


You’re the best!

                    Jean H., Wayne


Thanks so much for coming at a moment’s notice!

                    Marie P., Radnor


Thank you! Happy Holidays!

                    Marla F., Berwyn


Great service! Congratulations!

                    Olav U., Wayne



October 2019

Thank you thank you thank you! We do appreciate your quick response to our call and the great job you did for us!

                    Gary L., Devon


Thank you for your prompt and courteous service!

                    Mary Helen M., Devon



May 2019

Thank you, Scott, The plumber was great!

                    Shelly, West Chester



April 2019

We appreciate the prompt response. The plumber did a great job and left everything in great shape. Thank you for everything.

                    Laura and Tom, West Chester



January 2019

Thank you again for the work and for minimizing the impact on us. Happy new year!

                    Virginia, Radnor


Thanks for responding so quickly and excellent service! Happy New Year.

                    Jane, Strafford



December 2018

Thank you for your prompt and courteous service.

                    M. Manning, Devon



November 2018

Thanks Scott! Happy Thanksgiving!

Judy, Berwyn


Thank you! Good job at a good price.



Still close to thanksgiving, we can still say “thank you” for taking care of us so promptly.

                    Charles, Villanova



October 2018

Thanks for the always good service! Nice to know no problem mid-winter.

                    Dorothy, Wayne



September 2018

Thanks for taking care of us!

                    Candace, Gladwyne


Thank you for your service – everything is running well!

                    Rick, Strafford



August 2018

Thanks for the very prompt and professional service.

Alan, Radnor



July 2018

Thank you for your prompt and professional service. We are very pleased!

                    Robert and Rosemarie, Strafford



June 2018

Thanks so much for your quick response to my problem. I appreciate your good services! Congratulations on your business of 90 years. You have served us well for 54 of those years!




May 2018

Thank you for your prompt service.

                    Marybeth, West Chester


Always nice to talk to our plumber. Happy Anniversary. 

C. Sears, 

Thank you so much for your quick response that morning. 

Melanie & Paul, Wayne

Thanks for the good service!

Rosalie, Wayne


April 2018

Your service has always been the best

Alexandra, Newtown Square

Beautiful Work! Thank you! I will call you for any "next bathroom or kitchen project" 

Lillian, Wayne


Thank you so much for your help! I'm so sorry for the delay in sending this to you!



Thank you for another great job!

Candace, Wayne


February 2018

Thank you again for sending your mechanic so graciously for the burst heat pipe.  He was great and professional and determined to resolve the problem before leaving for the evening.  So, thank you and we'll connect soon for the scheduling of the other repairs and upgrades.

Ginny, Radnor


December 2017

Happy New Year! We really like the bathroom-it looks great. Thanks for putting us in touch with the carpenter. We also wanted you to know your plumber is very professional, knowledgeable, and competent. (But you probably know that)

Debbie, Paoli


Thank you. It was so nice to have a working sink over the holidays.

Judy, Villanova


Thank you for the great job you performed on our “water pipe crisis” Happy holidays to you all.

Candace, Strafford



November 2017

Thank you so much for “saving the day” and my home. And also, for this bill which is a pittance compared to what I think it should be. Looking forward to getting new bathroom in order after the New Year.

Abby, Paoli


Thanks, you for the discount. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Deb, Devon


Thank you for the prompt service and hug! It’s working great.

Ellen, Strafford


Thanks, Scott, for the immediate service and text replies/help Xmas Eve. Very appreciative. Outstanding service!!

Kate, Malvern



August 2017

Do you have time for a compliment? Since we have lived on XXX Road (3 years now!) we’ve enlisted your company for all kinds of jobs, large and small. We can always depend on your employees to do quality work. But today we want to single out one of those employees for special recognition: As long as Tom’s been coming to our house, we’ve always been impressed by his knowledge, courteousness, competence, efficiency. He’s a true professional and a total gentleman. You’re lucky to have him represent your business.

Jill, St. David’s



July 2017

Thank you as always.

Karen, Malvern

Thank you for everything over the years.

Margo, Radnor


Thank you, job well done.

Nancy, Gladwyne



May 2017

Thank you for fitting us in last week.

Sarah, Berwyn



April 2017

Thank you for your prompt and courteous service.

John, Devon


The mechanic was very professional. He was polite, courteous and a good communicator. He was also very neat, clean, and protective of our home.

Norbert, Wayne



December 2016

The plumber was an excellent representative of your agency - pleasant, courteous, and efficient.

Olive, Berwyn


Many thanks for your fine service.

Bob, Strafford



November 2016

Scott, thanks for your time to research my problem. I had given up, but you came through! Works great.

Bill, Radnor


Thanks very much for your continuing good Work. Best Wishes.

Connie, Villanova



October 2016

Thank you, Scott and company. We need you to stay in business.

Olav, Wayne



September 2016

Thank you so much for helping us fix our water problem. I will definitely be in touch with you for future problems.

Elizabeth, Radnor

Thanks very much for the great (and fast) job!

Mark, Wayne


April 2016

We would like to thank you for a very complicated job with our cellar. Even “Scott” had to be called for consultation. A resolution was found. We’re happy again.

Charles, Villanova



December 2015

Thanks for the good service. We hope you all enjoy good health and spirits, and prosperity in the years to come.

Nancy, Strafford



November 2015

Thanks for your prompt and good service.

Jim, Chesterbrook



October 2015

Many thanks for your prompt and courteous service.

Helen, Rosemont



September 2015

Thank you for your quick and efficient response. You arrived when you said you would, worked smart and hard and even clopped away in the rain. You limited our downtime to one day. Please relay our thanks to Tom, tell him the offer is open if he wants to swim. Just give us a call to work out a day and time. It’s the least we can do to thank him for his commitment.

Dan, Berwyn


Thanks for the good work.

Kathleen, Devon



August 2015

Thanks so much for the excellent service.

Kathryn, Wayne



May 2015

I would appreciate it if you could thank the plumber for the great job, he did repair the outside faucet at my house which, when I phoned you, was leaking from the pipe underground. He tried a quick fix which wasn’t possible when the underground pipe disintegrated when he put his tools on it. When I last saw the broken outdoor faucet-full of mud and broken pipe-at our house I was sure the solution would involve drilling a 6 inch hole into our house, into our crawl space, working around the terrible job the guy who installed the faucet originally did. To my delight, when I came back to my house, I came home to a functioning faucet, additionally configured to allow for water drainage in fall to prevent the pipe from freezing. Please thank him for a wonderful job fixing our outdoor faucet.

Richard, Strafford


You guys are the best!!

Tessa, Berwyn



March 2015

I want to thank you for the care and consideration you showed when my hot water tank was installed. I will recommend you to my friends.

Lee, Chesterbrook


Thank you for your good service.

Ray, Devon


Just wanted to thank you for the prompt response to the recent problem I was having. I also wanted to say how impressed I’ve been over the years with the people who come here. Though they’ve all been different, they’ve all been professional and personable. The gentleman who came on this last call was especially affable, professional—I liked him a lot. So, congratulations on keeping your standards high. I’m grateful that we have you as an important resource.

Howard, Bryn Mawr



January 2015

Thanks Scott. Hope you are well. Your guys are excellent.

Bert, Ardmore


November 2014

Thanks for the prompt service. Your mechanic was very thorough.

John, Haverford


Thank you for being able to help me with the plumbing service at my home. As usual your staff were great. And I appreciate your adjustment to the bill.

Jeanne, Wayne



July 2014

Thanks for the super quick, on time service. The technician was fabulous.

Kent, Paoli


Thank you for your note. As I said I am fine-the house isn’t.

Regina, Rosemont



June 2014

Thanks for your fast response. The plumber you sent was excellent-courteous, competent, good communication skills and clean cut. All together a very good representative for your firm. I’ll be in touch as I work to shape up my house.

Diane, Ardmore

We appreciate the prompt and professional work. It all works perfectly. Looking forward to what’s available on the kitchen faucet and bathroom shower.

Dorothy, Wayne



April 2014

With many thanks for your prompt attention to replacing our kitchen faucet and leak in the line to the dishwasher. Will recommend you to whoever are the new owners.

Anne, Gladwyne



March 2014

Thanks so much for the prompt and courteous service. Hope all at Borzell & Norbury enjoy the holidays and that 2014 is a good year for us all.

Kathleen, Wayne


February 2014

Thanks for the rapid response and great service.

Mike, Haverford


Thank you so very much for your extraordinary response to our crisis. Greatly appreciated.

Katherine, Malvern



January 2014

You are on my list of favorite people. Thank you so much.

Lois, Bryn Mawr


December 2013

Everything is working and the job was handled very nicely.  Thank you for your help.

Betty, Radnor



September 2013

We were very pleased with your service.  Thank you,

Martha, Villanova



August 2013

You are the BEST!

Louisa, Radnor



July 2013 

Thanks again for your prompt and courteous service!

John, Malvern


Sorry your plumber had to work in such a cramped space.

Mary Ann, Strafford


Thank you sooooo much for putting up with me and my strange ways.  Wow 85 years!!!!  Quite a legacy.  Keep up the good work.

Sharon, Chesterbrook


Congratulations on your 85th year.  You don't look a day over 75!!

Craig, Berwyn



June 2013

Thank you for the wonderful (and generous) work you did in our bathroom.  Everything has been working perfectly since you left.  We hope you will accept these cookies as a very small token of our thanks.  We look forward to working with you on future plumbing jobs.  As much as we'd like to see you again, we hope it is a little while before anything else breaks.

Laura, Haverford


Thank you.  We love our new shower!

Sheila, Wayne



May 2013

It is quite like old times.  I am grateful for your care.

Diane, Wayne



April 2013

Thank you for the quick service, Sincerely,

Martha, Bryn Mawr



March 2013

Thank you once again for your prompt attention and outstanding service.

Katie, Berwyn



February 2013

Thank you all and thank you Scott for your Saturday evening rescue.

Jane, St. Davids



January 2013

Thank you so much for the quick service.  You guys are the best!!!

Mrs. L., Rosemont



December 2012

Thanks for the speedy service.

Kevin, Strafford



November 2012

Please find enclosed my payment for the invoice # 7203.  This is most likely the last invoice I'll see from you.  I've moved to upstate New York where it is cooler and where I don't think you will make a house call.  Over the years you have saved my home in Berwyn from various sprung piping leaks, water heater corrosion and fixture failures.  Thank you very much for being there for me and my family.  I'll recommend Borzell & Norbury and the fast, professional and friendly service you provide to the new homeowner.  Best of luck to all of you and may you have many wonderful and prosperous years to come.

Matt, Berwyn



October 2012

Thank you.  Service continues to be great.

Howard, Devon


Thank you for taking such good care of the plumbing problems all these years.

Chas, Strafford



September 2012

Thanks so much for the great work you (and your guys) did on our kitchen remodel.  I really appreciate all the time you took to explain the new heating system, how it works, and what all those pipes in the cellar are!  Please extend my thanks to your staff; they were very professional and accommodating.

Judy, Berwyn



August 2012

Thanks for the outstanding service.  Your plumber was prompt and professional in his work.

James, Rosemont



July 2012

Many thanks for another fine job.  The new toilet is silent. Yeah!  The plumber you sent is the best.  Your Father and Grandfather would be very proud on the 84th year in business.  Impressive.

Kathleen, Chesterbrook



May 2012

Thanks again.  We appreciate the wonderful service given to us.

Kay, Strafford



April 2012

Prompt & courteous service as usual - many thanks.  Have ordered new faucet at GSI in Devon and will call when it's in.  I enjoyed working with Scott.  Best!

Kathleen, Wayne


As always thank you for your prompt, courteous service and your understanding of our needs.  We really appreciate our association with you.

Patricia, Strafford



March 2012

Enclosed is our check in payment of the bill you submitted for the work done (flood and new sump pump) by your staff on 3/23/12.  All of the men that responded were courteous and efficient.  We very much appreciate your prompt reply to our dilemma.

Wallace, Wayne



February 2012

Your servicemen were very efficient and pleasant.  We have found a new plumbing company I believe.

Jeanne, Bryn Mawr



January 2012

Thanks for your help during our "mini" plumbing crisis.

Rosemarie, West Chester


John, Scott and your fine plumbers – Every time I turn the nice hot water on, I shall remember how kind, speedy and well cared for I am here at home.  Many many thanks.  I so appreciate your good services.

Laura, Radnor



December 2011

Our new powder room looks great!

Donald, Wayne



May 2011

Thank you so much for your quick response to my call.

Mrs. H., Devon



March 2011

Many thanks for the prompt, wonderful service.

Ruth, Rosemont



January 2011

My husband and I want to thank you for your prompt response and service in replacing our broken water heater.  The technician was knowledgeable, professional, friendly and efficient.  I am sorry I forgot his helpers name, but he was very nice as well to wheel the heater through the snow instead of the house.  We appreciate his time and service.  Thank you again.

Martha, Phoenixville


Enjoyed having you as our serviceman.

Olive, Wayne



December 2010

Thank you and Happy New Year.

Jane, Wayne



November 2010

Thank you so much for being so kind thru all these "fumes" etc.  You have been so patient and so good to the "studio house" all of these years.  You have gained your keys to heaven’s gate!  Happy Thanksgiving.

Leaugeay, Radnor


Thanks so much for the speedy installation and fine workmanship.  Your company was such a pleasure to work with during the renovation.

Candace, Strafford



August 2010

Thank you so very much for fixing my problem so promptly.  I am very pleased.  It looks great.

Irene, Wayne



April 2010 

Many thanks for the prompt and courteous service.  I greatly appreciate it and am always impressed by the quality of the gentlemen you send to help me.  Hope you know you can always use me as a reference.

Katherine, Wayne


March 2010

Thanks so much for helping us out.  Help yourself to the brownies and cookies on the table we left for you.  Have a great day.    (actual note written for mechanic and left by customer)

Shawn, Chesterbrook


December 2009

Thanks for taking care of this small project for me.  Your mechanic did a great job!  He probably would have finished and hour earlier if I didn’t "help".

Steven, Rosemont


November 2009

Thanks.  We love the new toilets.  I'm sorry we didn't get them sooner.

Elisa, Berwyn


Best of Philly 2009, "I always knew this"

Katherine, Wayne


September 2009

Thanks for your prompt service.  Good job.

H. C., Wayne


Just wanted to send a note to let you know that you did a great job for us yesterday.  Very courteous, friendly and willing to work on a "new 1938" cast iron sink and faucet.  We love the "old" in life and it is a pleasure to have someone help us out with the right attitude.

Rich, Wayne


August 2009

We are so pleased with the new shower.  Obviously, a challenge in an old house, but the results are great.  Thanks.

Frank, Strafford


July 2009

Thank you for your prompt response.

John, St. Davids


Thanks for the great job, it all went very smoothly.

Andy, Villanova

June 2009

Thank you for your quick service, good job.  Very pleased.

Dorothy, Strafford


May 2009

Thank you for your courteous and fine workmanship.  You and your men are terrific.

Bob, Strafford


February 2009

Thanks for your prompt, efficient, and orderly service and especially shoveling the snow off my walk.     

Karen, Bryn Mawr


Best wishes on your 80th.  So glad you are here.  Thanks for the prompt service and work.

Charles, Villanova


December 2008

Thank you so much for your patience and continued great service.    

Ron, Wayne


Just wanted to thank you again for your very prompt and courteous replies to my plumbing questions.        

Nancy, Berwyn


November 2008

What can I say other than thanks?  I know we've found a wonderful service and I do mean "service".

Lee, Devon


Thanks for your HELP.  You have a great company and quality employees.

Matt, Devon


August 2008

Just thank you.      

​                   Claire, Villanova



July 2008

Many thanks to your plumber for helping me out by cutting my PVC pipe.      

Ben, Wayne


April 2007

Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the great job on my new bathroom.  All work done was clean and professional.  I have received nothing but compliments about the job and how much better it looks.  The toilet and shower work great.

Rich, Paoli


July 2006

It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Cathy, Wayne


June 2006

We truly appreciate the personalized, prompt, and courteous service.  This is becoming rare in this day and age.

Kathy, Wayne


January 2006

Just a short note to thank you for another round of excellent service.  One never knows these days about the quality of service delivery.  You are a rare exception.  Your service is always first rate.  I do so appreciate that.

Kathleen, Wayne


November 2005

The plumber you sent me was a good man.

​                   Andrew, Strafford

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